Frequently Asked Questions

First week – Beginners should start with The Blue Jawforce Level 1 or the Red Jawforce Level 2
Recommended sets: 5 – 10 up to 60% of the maximum/failure every other day

Second week – Increase the number of sets as well as the intensity

Third week – Sixth Week – Begin using the Red Jawforce Level 2 or The Black Jawforce Level 3
Recommended sets: 5 – 10 up to 60% of the maximum/failure every other day
You can also do super sets with high numbers of reps with your Blue Level 1 or Red Level 2

Once you achieve your goal, make sure you do maintenance workouts with reps using your highest Jawforce level.

To help you train at your own pace, Jawforce offers three different resistance levels according to your needs and experience.

1. The Blue JAWFORCE level 1 provides the best entry bite resistance level recommended for beginners.

2. The Red JAWFORCE Level 2 is perfect for intermediate usage for that strong bite. Upgrading to intermediate means you now get to further define your jaw while removing any excess fat or skin under the chin.

3. The Black JAWFORCE Level 3 decreases workout durations for those who are keen on slimming and toning, provides increased resistance for optimum strength workouts, and it’s the right companion for those who are bulking.

Absolutely not. Your teeth should not hurt before, during, or after your Jawforce workout. The strips are designed to make almost all kinds of bites comfortable.

Yes. However, we recommend that you only use the Jawforce Blue Level 1. If you want to increase your workout you can use the Blue Level 1 for twice the amount of the recommended time.

The answer is Yes. The jaw muscle known as the “masseter” functions the same as all the other muscles in your body. To put it simply, just like the muscles you work-out on the gym, with proper diet and exercise, your jaw will also get bigger.

Your facial muscles are not different from the rest of your body. Just like your arms, once your muscles grow bigger from working out, the skin around it gets tighter. Same thing will happen to your face, giving you a fresher look.

Depending on your age and physical characteristics, every process in your body that requires energy will contribute in making your metabolism faster. Physical activity expends energy which in turn increases your metabolism. Just like your usual exercises, using Jawforce is also a physical activity that will in turn, help increase metabolism.
Did you know that a study from the University of Rhode Island found out that chewing gum that is sugar free for 20 minutes daily will help you increase metabolism? Just imagine what a 15 minute Jawforce workout would do!

Our daily routines like sitting in front of the computer all day contribute to tension that affects our face, neck, and jaw muscles. And because few people are unaware that these muscles should be exercised regularly, they become prone to jaw misalignment.
With Jawforce regularly toning and firming your muscles in those areas, the jaws get much stronger and the probability of experiencing misalignment decreases.

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