How it works

How Does Jawforce Works?

Using a well-designed and studied fitness innovation, Jawforce intends to workout all the 50+ muscles in your face, neck, and jaw whenever you bite. This workout will give you stronger jaws and a leaner, lifted face without the fillers and surgery!


But how exactly?

Using different levels and different pounds of resistance, Jawforce will strengthen your bite muscles to achieve your strength and aesthetic goals.


The Three Jawforce Resistance Level:

To help you train at your own pace, Jawforce offers three different resistance levels according to your needs and experience.


1. The Blue JAWFORCE level 1 provides the best entry bite resistance level recommended for beginners.

2. The Red JAWFORCE Level 2 is perfect for intermediate usage for that strong bite. Upgrading to intermediate means you now get to further define your jaw while removing any excess fat or skin under the chin.

3. The Black JAWFORCE Level 3 decreases workout durations for those who are keen on slimming and toning, provides increased resistance for optimum strength workouts, and it’s the right companion for those who are bulking.

How to Use:

With your Jawforce unit and No boil fit-bite strips, toning will be easy as 1,2, 3!

1. Place your No boil-fit bite strips firmly into your Jawforce

2. Wash it with clean water or a damp cloth then tap excess water

3. Put it in your mouth, bite the bite strips firmly (make sure the fit is comfortable) and you can now start your workout!